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Y2K, 21st Century and the 3rd Millenniaum.

I was thinking that we should all plan to fly to the Philippines at the end of 1999 so we can say we saw the dawn of the new millennia first because of the International dateline. This was before I read that computers on board the airplane may go "kaput" because of the Y2K bug. Scary, huh? Maybe we should stay here (who are in US); we have an advantage because

If there is a problem, the Philippines suffers first since January 1,
2000 will be one disastrous day ahead. Or maybe the jet can make a U-
Turn and make an emergency landing and before midnight local time.
The Pacific is the largest ocean in the universe. One day half of the
Pacific Islanders will be still living in the second millennia and the
Other half is meeting the challenge of the third. I still hear the
pessimistic computer person who skips Michaelangelo's birthday every year
because he is afraid the most famous bug will attack his computer on that
date. Maybe we should skip January 1, 2000. Or maybe there is no need to
fix the Y2k because it is the end of the universe that we know anyway.

But the bell saves me again; we don't really have to go to the Philippines
to be the early wetness of the new millennia because it will not start
until January 1, 2001. Centuries begin on the first day of years
beginning 01 and ends on the last day of December of those ending in 00.
For those who still have doubts, the Royal Greenwich Observatory of
Cambridge, England declared over a year ago, that the first day of the
new century and millennium is indeed January 1, 2001. I believe it
because GMT is Greenwich time, the Universal Time. Computers came to age
in the 20th Century and I can't wait to see what the 21st century will
offer in January 1, 2001.

There is another date problem in year 2000. Every four hundred years another day is
Added the calendar because of the Earth rotation around the Sun is not exactly the same as the Gregorian Calendar. The same as leap year another day extra day every year that is dividable by 4. The last time it was done was 1600. So watch for Feb 30, 2000. No! There is an exception to the leap year every four (4) years. If the year ends in 00 it is not a leap year 1500, 1700, or 1900 however extra day is added every 400 year 1600, 2000, 2400, etc.There will never be Feb 30.

.Few days ago, the oldest person in Hawaii died. He was 112 yr. old. He was born on Aug 6, 1886 just 3 years younger than Servillano Palugod. He was born in the Philippines and migrated (actually he stowed away at the age of 14) to Hawaii in the beginning of the 1900 century, served the US during the 2 world wars. Two more years and he could have claim he was part of 3 centuries. He was also probably the oldest man in the United States at that time but like most of our early immigrants in Hawaii the just passed away with out any know immediate relatives. In the island of Maui he was a legend and the people admire him.

Palugod WebPages has moved to We have a lot of space so if you can send me articles and graphics I can put it up there. I am also drafting a family genetic profile. With your inputs and all the DNA experts we have maybe we can leave some medical footprints for the next generations. I know we have big heart but your X-ray probably scans it enlarged heart. Let us just smile, we can live longer.