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Almost a century ago, my grandfather, Servillano Palugod, brought his family to Nueva Vizcaya. As he stood on top of the Caraballo mountain over lookingthe passage to the new country and saw the rich valley below, he decided that this was the place to raise his family. Beside him was my grandmother, Macaria Agellon, a beautiful woman who was naive at times but still a strong frontier person. She complemented my wise grandfather the best she knew how. In the new land they raised their children, Generosa (Osang), Pacifico(Payapa), Dalisay, Virgilio (Bilyong), Homero (Miring), Renata (Rening), and Luz. Some of their family traditions I did not learn until recently, such as how their first son Pacifico later became Mayor and was nicknamed Payapa (Tagalog for Pacifico or peace.)

 Our Lolo led the new settlers in the southern region of Nueva Vizcaya called Dupax. He was a well respected merchant and become a Mayor of the town. I remember folks coming to him for advice and leadership still remember him telling me that knowledge would not create bumps (bukol) on my head. The family endured the Japanese occupation.

 Most of his children who were nourished in Nueva Vizcaya have moved out of the province. Most of the grand children (apo) and grand grandchildren (apo sa tuhod) are out of the country. This brings me to the purpose of this web page: Inter netting all the Palugods including those who are from Binakayan, Kawit (where the PALUGOD came from) who are spread out this planet. In the United States alone you will find them from the coldest of Alaska to sunny Florida. There are Palugods in Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, and New Jersey on the East and California and Nevada on the West. We have pilgrims in Canada, Norway, Australia, Guam, and the Middle East. Let us follow and update our bloodline as we surf this wonderful world of the Internet. We all share the gift that our Lolo imparted to us: to excel on our endeavors. Even at a young age I already knew that the PALUGODs are very special when I saw the Palugods were among the top of their classes. The girls are all as beautiful as their great Lola (grandma).

 The Palugods from Binakayan, Kawit, Cavite. Servillano Palugodhas two brothers, Severino and Rosalio. Severino is the father of Fortunato, Tagumpay, Generoso, Masikap and Norma. They stayed in Binakayan but most of the grand chilren are now in California, Maryland, and New Jersey. Rosalio children were Elias, Banaad, Nani, Paz, Bayani and Augusto who was lost during the Japanese war. There is another branch of Palugod that left Binakayan and settled In Polo, Bulacan. Let me know if you have contact with the family.

Please spread the Palugod Web page and send me you input, what's new and what's old. What's coming up like in San Diego where Michael Palugod'swife is expecting a new soul to carry the tradition and Belinda Perez the granddaugther of Generosa getting married this Memorial weekend and soon will continue her part of the legacy.

 As for me, I married a young girl named Hermie from Bocaue, Bulacan in 1975.  We now live in Jersey City,New Jersey. My two daughters graduated from college, Nheeda at Georgia Tech (transferred from Boston University and Melissa at the Univesity of Chicago. Melissa went back to college last year at University Medical & Dental of New Jersey. In my free time,  I am a writer for the Foreign Language bulletin boards on the Prodigy online service and occasionally work on another web page ( I am very excited about this new project and hope to hear from you other Palugods soon.

 Show to the world the "P" factor

Nestor Palugod.

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