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Sandra Palugod Nepomuceno

E-mail ID:

Date: Fri, 07 Feb 1997

From: "Sandra P. Nepomuceno"

CC: Mary J Coronel


Subject: The "P" Factor

Hi. You may want to include me in your list of e-mail addresses of the Palugods. I'm a Palugod myself, the youngest child of Homer (Miring) and Helen.

I'm married to Butch Nepomuceno from Manila and I have 2 girls, Valerie Alexandra and Samantha Kristin, ages 10 and 7 respectively. My husband works for Philippines, Micronesia & Orient Lines while I have my own trading business which specializes in promotional items & corporate gifts.

Unfortunately, being the youngest in our family, I didn't have a chance to meet the rest of the clan or if I did, don't remember much. My eldest brother though, Kuya Rolan, is luckier than the rest of us. He practically grew up with our Palugod cousins, when Tatay & Nanay where still residing in Manila.

My parents live in Cebu. They are both fine but are quite lonely now that we have all grown and have our own families. I visit them every christmas. I have a sister, Sonia, and 3 brothers (Rolan, Mario & Efren) likewise in Cebu. Kuya Eddie on the other hand, lives with his family in Ormoc City, Leyte, an island in the eastern part of the Philippines. I'm sure you've met my sisters Joy (from whom I got the URL of our web page), Grace & Myrna, who are in the U.S. Maybe we'll meet someday too.

I'd like so much to correspond with the rest of the Palugods, now that I have your addresses. Don't be a stranger, after all, I have the "P" factor too.

I hope to hear from you soon.

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