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First born (panganay)

Our Lolo moved to the highland of Nueva Vizcaya and raised his family in the new land. From the southern Tagalog region, his children grew up with the native folk and other immigrants from Ilocos region. He was probably the first Tagalog speaker in the village. He earned his respect among the people and led the community. He was indeed a pioneer of the new frontier. His cousins, Ligaspi the late Inang Isang and Itang Henyo settled in Bambang and Solano in the north.

His nephews, Bayani and Elias and nieces Paz and Banaad settled in Almaguer, Bambang about 3 miles from Ineangan. Almost far removed from Binakayan but he was in constant touched with Binakayan where he and his wife were buried in the early 1960's.

The first child was Generosa (Osang). A very fair lady who was born in Cavite and grew up in Vizcaya. A frontier type romance, a tall soldier from Cavite happen to be stationed in Dupax and it must be their faith for the union lasted from there to Virginia mountainside (south of the Walton's mountains). You would not see a mutual dedication to each other for they were made for each other.

Victorino Mercado was a traditional soldier, he always dreamed that one of his children would be a doctor. The marriage produced two girls. Both were send to Cavite to the Imus Institute. Aurora the first born excelled and finished on top of her class. She later completed her studies in the University of the Philippines and University of the East. Bella fulfilled her dad's dream and became a doctor.

Ate Bella married another doctor. Dr Ruperto Perez was her classmate in the Far Eastern University in Manila.. They were blessed with Ruperto (Toti) Boston College, Ruben (Marquette), Rodney(Tennesee U), Belinda (Marquette), and Betsy (UT). They came to the United States in the early '60. They moved from New Jersey, Baltimore, Nashville, Beckley West Virginia, Virginia and now Tita Bella is located in the resort of Hilton Head, S C. Ruperto Jr, (Totie) is probably the first of the Palugod clan to graduate from US college and today he is on the University of Georgia (Athens) staff.


Last child (Bunso)

Luz ...

She attended the Nueva Vizcaya High School and in the tradition of Palugod academic excellence graduated the salutatorian. The valedictorian was Leonardo Perez who become a Senator and probably the most popular politician who came out from the province of Nueva Vizcaya.

She married Edmundo Lim and they had children; Alma, Ben, Carlos, Danny, and Enrico (Ricky.) Alma is in Danville, Virginia working as medical technician.