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Palugod from Bulacan Leodegario Palugod -1894-1976
Thanks for finding me. I'm copying my brother Raul - sure he'll be 
excited about these. Yes, we are the Palugods from Paombong although our family, as well as 
Tatay's brother's family are now settled in Guiguinto, also in Bulacan 
(just about two towns away from Paombong). 
Both Tatay and Raul are members of the Knights of Columbus
I'm aware that there are Palugod's from Cavite and Nueva Viscaya (and 
Cebu, I just learned from your website) but, unfortunately, we never 
had the opportunity to get to know them. We never even knew whether my 
Lolo Gario (Leodegario Palugod) has brothers or sisters (so isolated) so I 
wouldn't know if we could establish exactly how we are related (but I'm 
positive all the Palugod's are related). My Tatay's elder sisters though 
remember Lolo visiting relatives in Viscaya and Cavite.
Next time, I could put together some history and updates on our family 
(I can ask Tatay for some details. He is now 71 years old). Simple lang 
Ang buhay namin dito. I believe all of us are still here in Bulacan. 
By the way, I'm 45 years old.
I interviewed Tatay (Nicolas "Nick" Palugod) and called up an aunt 
(Cresencia "Ising") last night. Here are the information I got.
Paombong is the hometown of my Lolo Gario's (Leodegario Palugod) mother 
named Doray or Duray (Isidora). That's why they settled in Paombong. 
Although Lolo was born in Binakayan.
Tatay and my Tita Ising said they never saw their Lolo. they don't even 
know his name. Lola Doray on the other hand, died when Tatay was in 
Grade V and she was 98 years old at that time. So Lola Doray must have been 
born around 1846. (Seems lilke Lolo was an only child. Could it be 
that when Lolo Gario's father died in Cavite, his mother (Doray) was left 
on her own with a son so she decided to return to Paombong where she 
thought life would be easier with her own relatives?)
Lolo Gario, on the other hand died in 1976 at age 92. He was born 
around 1894.
The only time Lolo brought some of the elder kids to Binakayan was when 
his first cousin Binong died, They attended the funeral and there 
were a lot of people so they had no opportunity to meet relatives. Would you 
have an idea who is "Binong"? If they were first cousins and they're both 
Palugod, their fathers should be brothers? Would you have information 
on Binong's father and the father's siblings?
Lolo was also able to visit Nueva Viscaya once, as far as Tita Ising 
can remember. There were Paombong-based contractors who got engaged in 
Dupax. They met some Palugods there and mentioned that there is one Palugod 
family in Paombong. The Dupax-Palugod sent for my Lolo (he sent money 
for his fare) and Lolo stayed in Dupax for at least one week. If I can 
establish the year when he went there, maybe we would have an idea who 
was the Palugod who could have sent for him. Lolo said they were his 
pamangkin sa pinsan. I'm not sure though if it was the Mayor.
Lolo married twice, both ladies were from Malolos. He had two sons by 
the first marriage. 
The second marriage was with my Lola Maria Miranda (who was a widow 
herself) when he was about 34 years old. They had six children (2 boys 
and 4 girls). Only the two boys finished college (?only the boys were 
sent to school) -- both (Tatay and the eldest, Jacinto) were teachers. 
The four girls are Cresencia (Ising), Pascuala (Paz), Honorata who is 
still single, and Felicidad (Fely), a modiste.
Tatay tells that Lolo was into producing the famous sukang Paombong. 
He recalls they had a big banca and marshland planted with sasa (nipa) 
From where the sap is harvested. They had many tapayans where the sap is 
stored to mature into the vinegar.
All my recollections of Lolo Gario was that he was already old since I 
was young, probably in his late sixties. We take turns spending weekends 
in Paombong. Sometimes, all of us 3 children are able to go together.
This may be all for now. I hope to put more pieces together. 
I hope we can go further back to my Lolo's family.
Thanks again and regards.
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