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Rolando Palugod/Roland Aguado Palugod

"wow, I had no idea I had so much family in the U.S. I hope I get to meet you

all some day."

Well, since I'm here, I may as well respond to Auntie Grace who just wrote to

me, and at the same time, I can go ahead and fill you all in on who I am:

My name is Roland Aguado Palugod. I'm mestizo. My mother is from Spain and

her name is Ana. My father is Rolando Arcena Palugod, from Binakayan, Kawit,

Cavite (actually, I guess that went without saying). I'm the first child, only

son. I have one sister-Carolyn. Unfortunately, growing up, I was more in

touch with the Spanish side of heritage since I lived most of my life in

Europe. I still get excited and it's still a novelty to me when I see the name

Palugod and it's not one of my immediate family members. I know few Palugods

in the U.S. and even fewer in the Philippines. So, I guess this WWW is doing

us all a great service, me especially as it's giving me more opportunity to get

in touch with my Filipino bloodline. I speak Spanish fluently but very little

Tagalog; a smattering of words and a few sentences. I was one of the founding

members of the Filipino-American Student Association at my university and MC'd

and performed at several Cultural Nights. (I dance a mean Tinikling and don't

get me started on my Maglalatik-nothing like smashing coconuts together)

I live in Washington, DC now and I moved here from Norfolk, Virginia about a

year ago. I work for PBS. My e-mail address is at my work. I'm currently

shopping for a home service and I'm using up my 50 hours at AOL but I'm not too

thrilled about the service. So, until I get something at home, just send

stuff to my work.

Auntie Grace, (Is "Auntie" appropriate-I don't know if you're older than me)

I'm sorry, but I don't think I've ever met any of your family. I've only been

to the Philippines twice and both times I was very young (I was still 0 the

first time I went). This is part of my quest to get acquainted with my rich

and colourful Filipino heritage.

Ok, have I babbled on enough....? More information than you needed to know...?

Thanks for baring with me.

Well, I hope those of you I haven't met will write me and tell me about

yourselves. If ever you're in the DC/Metro area, I hope we'll get to meet.

There are a few Palugods here as well.

Until then, (I was gonna write something in Tagalog but I've drawn a complete

blank on my extensive repertoir of tagalog vocabulary)


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