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Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998 23:15:38 +0100

From: "Marina Brænden Palugod" <>


Subject: palugod-NORWAY section

It would be of great interest on my part if you can track down to where the name -

AGAPITO PALUGOD originates. The only information I gathered from my

parents are:

1) He is from Binakayan

2) He had 3 sons Nardo,Ramon and Tiopelo -- 1daugther Pacita (i`m not so sure about this info)

3) All of his children stayed within Binakayan region during their entire life ( there is suppose to

be quite a number of grandchildren)

4) Last known residence before departing was in Visita St. Binakayan(the street leading to Imus)

5) Some of his grandchildrens name: Rodelio, Nestor, Victor, Rolando, Jasminia, Adela, Dora

It was sheer luck that I came across your website,and quite amazing to know such information on our family name.

You can count me to be a permanent reader of this site.

Sincerely yours,

Marina (

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