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Mayors of Dupax

1937-39 Servillano Palugod
 1940-44 Japanese war

 1945 Servillano Palugod

 1960-71 Pacifico Agellon Palugod

 1995- Antonio G Palugod

 Hon.Antonio G Palugod, Municipal Mayor

 In his first try in politics brought him to the halls of the local law-making body, the Sangguniang Bayan and even before the official end of his term he sought for the post in his town and his constituents gave him the mandate to lead his community.

 This is the spectacular rise in the field of politics of Mayor Antonio Palugod who might only finished a vocational course at Osaka Institute of Technology but was able to live up to the expectation of his constituents by delivering his own brand service with closer rapport with his people.

What he might lack in formal education he tries to compensate by attending numerous trainings and seminars particularly those sponsored by the DILG including oone sponsored by GOLD International.

 Mayor Palugod was born in July 17, 1953 in Ineangan, Dupax Del Norte, Nva Viz, to the sposes Pacifico Palugod and Feliciana Gopilan. He obtained his elementary eduation from Ineangan Elementary School and his secondary education from Southern Nueva Vizcaya Institute in Malasin, Dupax del sur.

 Tony, as he fondly called by his close friends and acquintances, is married to the former Lilian Hermoso. They are blessed with tthreee childrenn: Ruby, Rhoda and Mark Anthony.

 Musically-inclined, this town executive can play guitar, piano, organ and other musical instruments.

 He is a member of the Knights of Columbus and the Bayanihan ni Cristo.

 The two daughters Ruby and Rhoda just got married last months. Pictures will be forthcoming.

Sino ang Palugod?

Enchanted Valley

Anyone know this guy?

I found this in a website about trading corp..

 --------------------------------------------------------- Contact Information

 Name: Monserrat Palugod

 Position: VP-Operations

 Company: Jorow Trading Corporation
Address: Room 503, Dona Generosa Bldg. City/postal code: Pasay, M.M Country: Philippines

Phone: (632) 831-9671 Telex:


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 I work in Program Management for PBS. We screen and evaluate programs that air on PBS stations. I eventualy want to go back to school and get my masters.

 I've had a lot of difficulty finding information about Filipinos on the web. Almost every site I go gives me a message of no DNS entry. I imagine their servers must be down or something. Do you know what this means? Many sites are listed but I can acces very few. The family is all doing well. Carolyn is going back to school in Richmond, Va.

 What sort of thing do you want me write? Is this related to our family or just about Filipinos in general? Glad I found your site


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Mayors of Nueva Vizcaya