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From: "Dennis Obillo"(

 Subject: Lola Rening

 dear uncle Nestor,

 My dad, Dr. Angelito P. Obillo, says hello.

 Lola Rening spent her Friday and Saturday schedule with us. We treated her to Via Mare for Friday lunch. She ordered the baby fried Lapu-Lapu which she wasn't able to finish. But she enjoyed the ambiance and the exquisite meal. Via Mare is on the Penthouse (37th floor) of the Tektite building in Ortigas center. Tektite is composed of twin towers namely East and West side. It houses several brokerage and investment companies. A floor was used for the stock exchange. My dad chose the place because of the scenic view of Laguna de Bay, Antipolo, Makati, Mandaluyong and Edsa. Lola was able to see the recent developments in the Ortigas area. This place is booming because of the many building contructions that will house new investors. Of course she also got the chance to experience the CONGESTED TRAFFIC around Metro Manila. Right now, Auntie Estrella brought her to Baguio and afterwards they are still scheduling another trip back to Nueva Viscaya. Aside from that tight schedule, she still wants to stay with us again after they come back, probably this Wednesday Manila time.

 I'm not sure if you will be able to send me back a message at this address because our server has been having problems with RECEIVING messages. But please try too, maybe you'll get the chance.

From Cebu

To: dennis obillo From: Alex Jerome Subject: ur lola rening >>Cc: palugods hi dennis, i'm ur auntie sonia (palugod estavillo) the daughter of your lola helen and lolo miring (homer a. palugod) who is the brother of ur lola dalisay, ur dad's mom, which makes me ur dad's first degree cousin. nalito ka na ba?

how's mom and dad? i have not met ur mom but i hope to meet her soon. the last time i saw ur dad was in nueva vizcaya i can't remember what year but it sure was a long time ago because he didn't have u nor ur mom yet. ur auntie sandra, my sister(she's the youngest in our family of 4 boys and 5 girls) sent me a copy of ur message to kuya nestor. the first and last time i saw ur uncle nestor was in 1992. he fetched us ( ur lolo homer and ur aunties, my younger sisters, joy and grace) from our hotel in ny and brought us for dinner at his residence in new jersey. we were on our way then to danville va to visit kakang torino, ur lola rening, ur aunties aurora, bella and alma. i called ur lola rening from los angeles last may 1 and she promised to call and try to visit cebu when she comes home may 15. i do hope she can make it. it will mean a lot to us and to our dad most especially. dad's turning 80 this aug 9. he still drives his car, is very active with the rotary club of mandaue and plays golf twice a week, sometimes with his sons and son in law, ur uncles eddie, efren and reynee, my husband. dad is still very handsome and still gets admiring looks from old and not so old ladies, but, he has his eyes only on ur lola helen. maganda at mestiza yata si helen who was once ms.bayombong.

my best regards to ur mom and dad. please give a copy of this mail to ur lola rening.

 Hello Uncle Nestor, I received your letter just this morning, the time now is 12:26 p.m. Monday lunch time. I go to office at around 6:45 a.m. Very Early!!! Thank you for the offer about the programs, but as of now I'm still thinking about getting ourselves at the hous a new computer. We have to upgrade our 486 to Pentium because I'm preparing it for networking. I'm using company computers now. We are in the Daiwa project now. I transferred from Year 2000 conversion to development project Daiwa Institute of Research which is in Japan. We are only 6 members in this team. And luckily since we will be accessing Daiwa's mainframe to upload ang download our cobol developed programs, we use the internet. But connections to Japan are still having problems. This weekend, I think we have changed our cables to better and newer ones. And I think the company Software Ventures has just ordered a bigger server to assist one of the alpha servers we presently have. We are more dependent on our LOTUS NOTES as our database. I'm using Windows95 Japanese least I got some Japanese units when I was in college. I'm handling the sub-system Stock Futures and Options Trade --- STOCKS! I would want some advice on buying a new computer, specially in the specifications and hardware categories. I think you are more familiar with that. Can you help? I think we should prepare for networking and to aid my brothers in their work