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From: Frank E Gastelum <>

Subject Palugod Web Page


Hello Tita Mina and Uncle Dick,

Just thought I'd write you and let you know about the Palugod Web Page. It

is It was created by my cousin in New

Jersey, Nestor Enriquez who is Renata's son. Renata is my dad's sister.

Nestor's email address is:


Hello Kuya Nestor,

Tita Mina lives in Brentwood, California and is a very youthful aunt of my

dad and your mom. She is a wonderful lady who has kept in touch with many

Palugods in California. She and husband Dick made a trip to the

Philippines last year and my dad Homer was thrilled to meet them both.

Tita Mina started putting together a family tree of our grandparents.

Maybe you can hook up with her and share your wealth of information about

our bloodlines.

I have read the Palugod web page and am very grateful for all the work you

have done to keep us all in touch. Take care and give your mom a huge hug

for me.

Grace Palugod-Gastelum