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Nestor Enriquez <>


Bambang, Aritao, Solano & Bayombong 

first ltr

Great appreciation of your work. Very impressive and a lot of joy
reading about the Palugods. I am from Binakayan, now residing in
Fremont, California. Moved here in the states in 1974. I know a lot of
Palugods and specially the family of Ti Umpay (Tagumpay) where most of
them reside in San Jose, California. I've also been to Dupax, Solano &
Bayombong Nueva Viscaya, invited by my boyhood friend Leopoldo S. Medina
whose father is from Nueva Viscaya. This was in the late 60's.
You're quite write to say that those places are wonderful specially

It's really enjoyable surfing your website.

2nd ltr..

Appreciate your feedback and the more nostalgic I felt. When I went 
Paul Medina and friends we stayed in a house of her aunt who is the
vice-mayor @ the time. And I know Tamayo is their last name. We also
went to Bayombong I believed, visited Dr. Freddy. They have a movie
theater there @ the time and the good doctor owns it I believed. Libre
kami and we watch the "Wild Bunch".  
Dr. Freddy and the vice-mayor's name were mentioned in the story - Ms.
Socorro Tamayo. We became very good friends with the two sons of the
vice-mayor. They are very good basketball players. Golly! I forgot 
names because it's been over thirty years. I still meet Paul whenever I
go balik-bayan and his mom - Ti Milagros who we considered our second
mother in Binakayan. Paul has a good job @ the Land Bank in the
Philippines, married to a Paredes who they told me is a granddaughter of
ex-Senator Quintin Paredes. 
Ti Umpay's sister is Ti Norming Samoy who now resides in Roseville, a
suburb of Sacramento, California. They were very good friends of our
parents. In fact Ti Norming is my sister's Carolina's ninang sa binyag.
Pancho, Benjie, Tagumpay Jr., Tessie (all in San JoseI, Myrna in 
and Vicki in the Philippines (all of Ti Umpays' siblings) are very good
and close friends and we are practically neighbors in Binakayan. 
I will tell Paul about you and the wonderful Palugod website when we go
home for a visit this September. I am very eager to go back & visit
Nueva Vizcaya and meet my old friends out there. 
Regards and again maraming salamat,