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Our Saviour,  Let us rejoice.  Finally one Palugod has the ultimate and sublime ambition..

His brother wrote:  From:

 Dear Auntie Bella, My mom just wants to inform you that Joel has just resigned from work and will go the Cagayan de Oro to work. He'll teach religion to a coed high school Xavier there for about 6 months. He'll spend Christmas in Manila. Joel will teach as part of his pre-noviciate carrer path of the Jesuits. He'll leave for Cagayan this Sunday October 23, 1999. That's all. Regards to everyone.


Doctor Rodney Perez latest medical reports..(presented to the medical world)

Polyarteritis nodosa presenting as massive upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage

R.A. Perez1, D. Silver2, and B. Banerjee1

1Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Gastroenterology, The University of Missouri Hospitals and Clinics, MA 421, One Hospital Drive, Columbia, Missouri 65203

2Department of Surgery, Division of Vascular Surgery, University of Missouri Hospitals and Clinics, Columbia, Missouri

Received: 15 June 1999; Accepted: 13 July 1999.

If you are gutsy interested in GI science click for the report

Ruperto Perez has also a new published book about College Couselling.  He collaborated the book while working at the University of Georgia (Athens).

Our Lawyer, Maria Palugod is now in San Diego.
Her aunt in San Diego wrote:

      ......  BTW,  you mentioned a while back about our new Palugod attorney.
That's Mary Margaret,  my Kuya Mario's and Mary Osmena's daughter.  She's
now Mrs. Mike Holmes.  She got married last year(  last year?  wasn't that
just yesterday?) to a classmate from UC Davis.  Mike is also an attorney .
They live here in San Diego.  Margie(my niece, esq) works at the San Diego
DA's office while her hubby is with a private firm.
        Well, my husband, Gino, and my 2 kids, Frances and Christian(who is
now in San Diego State) are living the American dream slowly and surely.
Everything's just a-okay....a few ups and a few downs....that's just the
see-saw of life.

Dr Angelito Palugod Obillo's son (Dennis) is back in California, Feb 4, 2000
He is also schedule to visit Vancouver, Canada before heading back to Manila.
        Tue, 01 Feb 2000 23:56:51 +0800
        Obillo <>
hi guys,
here's my airplane ticket sked:
3:55 duration
NW 28    Manila
                Departure NAIA 1 Terminal 11
                05 February, 2000 Saturday
                0800 (8:00 am)

                Arrival NARITA Terminal 1
                05 February, 2000 Saturday
                1255 (12:55 pm)

9:35 duration
NW 2    Tokyo
                Departure NARITA Terminal 1
                05 February, 2000 Saturday
                1455 (2:55 pm)

                Los Angeles INTL Terminal 2
                05 Saturday, 2000 Saturday
                0730 (7:30 am)

Included in the package are an open ended ticket from LA to Vancouver
and Vancouver to Manila. I still have to arrange my airline sked for San
Francisco and other states.
I got this info last Sunday but I've been busy wrapping-up my last days
in the office.
Please send me your wish list (pasalubong list) =>.
-----update from Ate Bella)
It is Dennis who is in Ca. right now, not Lito. He is looking into a
to get his MBA. As of yesterday he already visited Loyola Marymount and
He is still looking at other possibilities.