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Dr Freddie Aliassas (in red T-shirt)Dr Freddie Aliassas' daughter Ellen and Boy with their only son Miggy (June 2000)

Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 03:37:52 -0700 (PDT) From: alfredo aliasas
Subject: historical background Solano, Nueva Vizcaya = May 22, 2000 Nestor Palugod Enriquez E-mail


The Palugod clan and Legaspi clan has its roots traced from Alapan, Imus, Cavite. The mother of the Palugod brothers is surnamed Herrera. The mother of the Legaspi family is surnamed Herrera also, who is younger than the mother of the Palugod brothers. The father of Anatalio Herrera Sr. is the first Cousin of the Palugods and the Legaspi's happens to be the brother of the Herrera sisters maternal parents of thePalugods and the Legaspi's. The Palugod brothers are named Servillano, Severino and Rosalio. They have no sister. The Legaspi's are Feliza, Eugenio, and Raymundo Sr. All of these siblings grew in Alapan, Imus Cavite. Because of a seemingly difficult life in their birth of origin, they transferred to a more progressive Town of Kawit, in a barrio of Binakayan, where life =20 seems to look better and job opportunities where more available. Not contented with Kawit, Servillano and Rosalio moved to Manila to work with two town mates named Lope Sayo and Anastacio Legaspi not the father of Feliza, Eugenio and Raymundo Sr. They worked in Quarter Master at the Naval base - US- in port area Manila. While there, they produced their siblings wherein Servillano had Generosa, Pacifico, Dalisay, Virgilio, Homero, Renata, and Luz. While Severino who stayed behind in Binakayan managing a "wooden shoe factory" had Fortunato, Generoso, Masikap, Tagumpay, and Norma. The younger brother Rosalio had Elias, Bayani, Paz, Hernani, Rosario, Augusto, and Catalino. Because they didn't have a sister, my mother Feliza grew up with them and had Alberto, Soccoro, Paraluman, and Leonida in her first marriage to a Medina and Alfredo to her second husband David Aliasas. Eugenio's children were Consolacion, Bella and Consuelo who is married to a Bertole, a teacher. Raymundo has only one son- Raymundo Sr. My mother followed them in Tondo, Manila and stayed with a cousin named Victoria Herrera, while Rosalio who got married to a Bulakenia, Atanacia Chico stayed in Corcuera Tondo, Servillano preferred to stay in Binakayan and got married to Macaria Agellon and Severino was married to Sotera Aguinaldo. Not contended with life as ordinary employees, the four friends of Servillano and brother Rosalio, Lope Sayo, and Atanacio Legaspi traveled north. Rosalio and Lope stayed first in San Jose, with Atanacio Legaspi not a brother to Feliza Legaspi, but older brother Servillano moved further north and found Bone, Aritao as his destination putting up a Kiskisan in that Barrio. Rosalio fallowed suit who was then a business partner of Lope Sayo and stayed right were the Sayo's are staying in Aritao. Serviillano who is more fund staying in an isolated place moved to Ineangan Dupax because by then the national road was passing the Manggayang road. Rosalio stayed for a while in Aritao, while the entire family of Lope Sayo moved also in the same place. Rosalio later transferred to Almaguer. My uncle Eugenio was a Driver to his cousin Servillano, and ordered him to bring Feliza's family to Indiana, Bambang Nueva Vizcaya because by then the highway was relocated to its present site. It was an ideal place for the family of Servillano because whenever they come from Manila they would have a place to stay in and it was very near Ineangan. Because Servillano, being one of the pioneers in Dupax tried his luck in politics and was elected several times as Mayor, interrupted only by the war. After liberation, the oldest son Pacifico inherited his father's position as Mayor elected and re-elected several times. And now comes the son of Pacifico, Tony, becoming the Mayor of Dupax del Norte twice. No other Family has ever did this in the province. Politics really runs in the blood of the family as Socorro Tamayo, my sister, become a Councilor and a Vice-Mayor in Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya, while Alfredo, the youngest in the family also become a Sr. Board Member and acting Vice- Governor of the province. The son of Leonida who is married to Raymundo Sayo is now the Mayor of Aritao. The children of the Palugod and cousin Legaspi had their own professions as Engineers, Teacher, Doctor and other professions and now, mostly are out of sight in the province where they grew up. Our family the fact that we have a few relatives in the area achieved this splendid accomplishments, which any one of us could be proud of and no other family I believed has ever accomplished These splendid achievements. As prepared by: Dr. A.L. Aliasas P.S. My daughter Ellen and Boy with their only son Miggy will be there at the end of the month, please extend again your travel with them. My other daughter Maricel will also be there but will stay a friend in New York. Regards to Hermie & children. Tiyo Freddy- A.L. Aliasas, M.D. ---

---------------------------------------------------- Update: Maricel called me from Chicago and informed me that they are Arriving NewYOrk May 30 4:45PM LaGuardia. I will be picking Ellen's Party. ---

Ruby Palugod Torres and her young daughter (Gwen) are are also visiting the US. I just drove them to Washington DC where her brother (Rolando) picked them up. They will be Here till the end of June. ---I chatted with Ruby on the subject of the Family history in Binakayan. She will also prepare a version. We touched the Connection to the Aliasas side and reminded my of Dr Alfredo sister Milagrin who returned to Binakayan later. When Tiyo Freddie visited me last time he did promised me that he would Prepare the above article from his memory bank and research. Great job! __________________________________________________