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How are we related?

My name is Nolie (real name: Manolito . . . and . . . I don't like it) Agellon, youngest of the four brothers Bienvenido, Esmeraldo, Artemio and, of course, myself. My father, Candido, and Igmedio, Enrica, Anicia and Mercedes were the children of Lolo Luis Agellon and Lola Matea Jangada. And, I think, your grandma, Macaria, was my Lolo's sister. Therefore, we are cousin in the fourth(?) degree!

I do not know if you are interested in the Agellon side of your family history, but if you are, here are some contacts:


Relation to Nolie

Relation to Macaria Agellon

E-mail Addresses

Nolie Agellon


apo sa pamankin

Roger Benn Agellon

Son of Brother Benn

grand-apo sa pamankin

Joel BennAgellon

Son of Brother Benn

grand-apo sa pamankin

Allih Benn Agellon

Son of Brother Benn

grand-apo sa pamankin

Luis Benn Agellon

Son of Brother Benn

grand-apo sa pamankin

Chari Agellon


grand-apo sa pamankin

Noel Agellon


grand-apo sa pamankin

Esmeraldo (Ady) Agellon


apo sa pamankin

This is all for now.



Nolie & Aurora Agellon

[P.S. The attached photo, taken during the October 1997 party of the Philippine Kapit-Bahay Cultural Society of Oakville, shows my wife Aurora (Rory) nee Villanueva and myself]

My Side

About a century ago there was the Union of the Agellon ( Atlantic) and Palugod (Pacific) when my grandfather brought a fair lady from Binakayan to the wilderness of Nueva Vizcaya. My mountainsm will take over by me saying the the wild dog pack headed by the Alpha female (Macaria Agellon) are now roaming the world like a Palugod predators. All girls got their beauty of grandma affectionaly called

Inang Kayang

Nestor Palugod Enriquez